happy 70th birthday, Hayao Miyazaki!

I, as a humble fan, would like to say happy birthday to the most meritoriously captivating grandfather ever, sensei Miyazaki!! I admire the dazzling otherworldly depths of your imagination and how every bit of your creations has always inspires and kindles a warm beaming light in our hearts. We love you, opa(♡):*

〜 お誕生日おめでとうございます! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ  〜  Found a drawing of Hayao's face surrounded by his brainchild (super koool!) somewhere in tumblr, if anyone can address the name of the artist behind this awesomeness would be perfect!, i need to know! :D

- - -

Let me take you on a trip down to memory lane as my teensy-weensy way to celebrate our holy king's birthday and to reminisce. As you can find right ➜(here), I've visited and completely blown by the enchanting Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, I'm going to tell you more about it now :)

So this is the bus that supposed to take you from Mitaka station ➜ Museum, we were budget travelers so we determined to walk by foot. It took probably a good 10 minutes walk to the museum. From a very brief-walk I did back there, i see Mitaka as a very peaceful town, engaging scenery are easily found in most corners, everything seems pretty neat and bright.

pink+khaki(♥)way to go, mum!:D

i took pictures of every designated Ghibli's sign on the streets, which were lots! i believe at some point, my friends gotten so annoyed by my shutterbug behavior. they didn't say but the faces were pretty much tells it all xD

For those who needs to know: always buy the tickets from LAWSON store and in advance!  

Arrived at Hayao's secret chamber! (well yeah, maybe not a secret) YEAY :D ,sadly we are prohibited to take any pictures inside the museum. awww :< 

Took this inside ghibli's toilet. aaa-haaa-ha. . i'm such a dork and i cant help it, the decor was SO awesome so i CANT help but take pictures, pls forgive me x3

Honestly cannot tell you WHAT was the thinking behind this image. i guess i was too overwhelmed by all the awesomenesssuffused in every corner of the museum, and it baffled me into thinking "this frickin canister is worth the frickin shot!"

Just <33<33<44<55!

We're soldiers from Laputa, ka-poot? hehehe..(as u can see, it was getting darker and colderrr outside!)

Entrance of Ghibli Museum, taken from third floor

Failed attempt on taking pikhtur with Totoro. ouch.

Was sad when leaving Mitaka, but at that point, i knew i had a pocket full of pictures and wonderful memories from such an awe-inspiring place :)

Ok, I have to stop for now, gotta get back to work! Have a great day to all, and especially to you, sensei! Thank you for all the magical creations you brought to this world. can’t wait to see Kokuriko-zaka kara and Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie. Happy birthday♥