Adieu 25 Abbey Road!

So the short course has finished, I am home now, good morning  J A K A R T A !
I had a great fantastic time in UK
I love Cambridge 
I love all the tutors who have taught me so much
I love my new awesome friends
I love my room and every living things inside 25 Abbey road♡

sadly it was too short, I'll keep my fingers crossed so I can come back again someday :}

This is how my room looked like, it was couple of days before I tear everything down/pack all the stuffs, taken with disposable camera from Boots.

Adieu 25 Abbey Road!

(yes..I also took some pictures with the room-fufu.. oh how I will miss it so damn much :'< )


new instant camera?

I'm planning to buy new instant camera because the film (600) of my current polaroid is very expensive nowadays. 350k per-pack? meow?!?! 
So what do you think guys? I think instant camera with FP 100C or 3000B film, will do good for me. Still looking for the right camera though, any suggestions?

Here some of the scanned fun. 
*The last two wasn't mine. It was taken by Dimas Apriano's and Andra Alodita's polaroid, and given to me. Thank you guys <3