view from room no.5

Still remember my post about how I dig the view from my window room in Cambridge? I only stayed there for almost 6 months but the view outside was beautifully altered everyday. Took approx. 30 shots total. Imagine if I had at least one picture everyday, I’ll be able to see detailed-progress of what's happening outside my window, which will be super. The framing will look so much better if tripod were involved (yeah like I have any) but these are spontaneous snaps, so please do mind the inconsistency :)

 28/Oct/2009 | 09:38AM

 06/Jan/2010 | 01:01AM

 22/Feb/2010 | 10:34AM

 27/Feb/2010 | 07:53AM

 27/Feb/2010 | 10:45AM

 27/Feb/2010 | 12:33PM


Beautiful isn't it?

So what about the view outside your room? Go click some! the more the better and please do share it with us☺