oh Daevid Allen oh Steve Hillage

Went to Gong Live tour in Cambridge Corn Exchange last November, IT WAS AWESOME! I adore Daevid Allen.

I love his music I love his artwork, he is truly an incredible artist.

By the way I went to the gig alone HA!

Haven't find fellow friends who shares equal interest in Gong here in Cambridge (anyone?) Well it was worth it though. I remembered the venue was full of old people and they were starring at me with "oh this girl is awesome" look (-oh yeah you wish) haha

I had a prime time<3, not to mention Steve Hillage, oh wow!! When he played Palm Trees and Salmon song (you know how I feel about salmon rightt) I'm like (@&*#^$^@$&*(&@~ pure bliss<3

Took all pictures with my cell phone, which was rubbish.

When the show's over, I was walking to the nearest bus station when a car approaches, happy lad with their Gong shirts were inside, they asked whether I will put the videos (yes.. I videoed some) on Youtube, I nodded but until this minute I have no intention to put them online, like I said, my phone is rubbish :( The sound quality is just oh awful! (sorry whoever you guys are!)


I feel so lucky to had the opportunity to watch them playing live.

71 years old man with magic music so full of life, he spread such infectious energy to the audience. Please please be my cool-grandpa dear Daevid!

Yes. I am officially Gong'ed ;}

I bought some postcards drawn by Daevid.

What do you called someone who make magic music and have mad drawing skill as well? I'd say you are one hell of a brilliant dazzling creature, sir!

Gong - ☑ checked

now where are you yurayura? x