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the inspiring chef José Andrés

Great people are passionate people. They shine everytime they do their job or as talk about it. I get so inspired by watching how chef José Andrés, the avant-garde food visionaries, having so much fun doing what he did, how he delightedly explain the cooking technique he uses in his food, and how an ingredient as simple as pineapple could excites him, it is amazing. Check out the video here! (i can't embed the video, so if you want to see it via youtube: CBS)

“ When I cook, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m very selfish — me and my team. We need to please ourselves. We need to make sure that we are convinced of what we are doing and eating, and that we see ourselves in the dish we are creating. If I don’t please myself, it’s impossible I will be able to please you.”
— José Andrés

What he said applies in every point of creative field, whether you’re a chef, designer or photographer. Having fun should be the essential core and it’s also necessary to put our signatures in the work we do. It’s what defines us, it’s what differentiates us from others, or if you will, unique.

What I learned from watching this video is that, it's nearly absurd to suck at your job when you're so passionate about it. Embrace every little details you might not notice in a first place, because inspirations could come from a simplest form of life. ♥

- - -

Thank you chef José Andrés for the inspirations, how I wish to taste one of your creation one day :) Have a delicious Sunday, everyone.